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Best value DJ Headphones

Best Value DJ Headphones

The importance of headphones to a DJ can’t be understated.
In the studio, they’re the only reliable way to listen to the music that’s under production, without ambient interference.
Good headphones offer exemplary sound imaging, with which the DJ can hear all the elements in the composition, and know the touch-ups and enhancements to make.

Things get even more intricate when on stage, where a DJ needs to create seamless transitions from one tune to the next, amidst the screaming of fans and the echoing environment. Moreover, it’s often hard to trust the equipment provided at the event to serve up the desired quality. It’s, therefore, not surprising that most professionals regard headphones as their most valued DJing equipment.

That said, high-quality headsets rarely come cheap. Industry experts are always advising budding DJs against compromising on headphones, but what do you do if you simply can’t afford the premium, top-rated ones? Well, a little research is all it takes to uncover best value DJ headphones that, despite being cheap (below USD 100.-), are decent enough to cater for the needs of an aspiring DJ.

Below Are Three Of The Best Value DJ Headphones Today

1. Behringer HPX6000

Behringer HPX6000

Over the years, Behringer has been recognized for producing low-priced quality products. The HPX6000 are arguably the best DJ headphones in the bunch, and they have more than a few pleasantries going for them to make them a favorite choice for DJs and music enthusiasts on a budget.

Design-wise, the HPX6000 are nothing short of remarkable. They feature an elegantly blacked out look, a detachable single-sided cable, and gold-plated plugs. Albeit being entirely plastic, the unit feels durable, particularly in the hinges. The earcups have a premium leather finish, which enhance the headphones’ noise-cancelling capabilities while giving them a modern and pricier look. Moreover, in addition to being light, the HPX6000 are foldable to fit easily in the carrying pouch provided.

In use, the Behringer HPX6000 are perhaps the most comfortable headphones you’ll find at under $100. The rubberized headband ensures they rest easy on the neck, and the adjustable cups can adapt to any wearing style. The 50mm drivers deliver thoroughly impressive sound, with deep bass, decent surround and great definition. And, with a frequency response of up to 20KHz, you can pick up the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Foldable Behringer HPX6000

All things considered, the HPX6000 are excellent. They may not sound as refined as pricier options, but you’re getting quite a lot of value for your money. Behringer has announced a 3-year guarantee on all its gear, so assuming these headphones last that long, they’re undoubtedly the perfect bargain.

2. Pioneer HDJ-500

Pioneer HDJ-500R

Pioneer HDJ-500R

Pioneer is among the most famous names in the audio equipment industry, and its products are typically placed among the best DJ headphones on the market.

The HDJ-500 headphones are among Pioneer’s entry-level, but they’re great choices for customers looking to strike a bargain. The design has nearly everything a DJ would want, including a comfortable urethane padding on the headband and earcups, swiveling joints, and both coiled and straight detachable cables. Furthermore, the headphones are made of a smart blend of magnesium alloy and hard polycarbonate, which keeps the overall weight low while maintaining stellar durability.

The only downside to the HDJ-500’s design is their inability to fold completely for packaging purposes, which means they have to stay fully open in a bulky pouch when traveling or in storage.

Pioneer HDJ-500 Pouch

Pioneer HDJ-500 Pouch

Using the Pioneer HDJ-500 is a blast. Thanks to its 40mm drivers, the headphones get adequately loud, while keeping sound reproduction laudable across low- and high-frequency ranges. The bass is punchy, and live instruments such as snares and drums all sound great.

The HDJ-500 comes in three color versions:
HDJ-500R: Red
HDJ-500K: Black
HDJ-500W: White

Pioneer HDJ-500 Unboxing Video

All in all, the HDJ-500R are yet another product that glorifies Pioneer’s mastery of audio synthesis. They come highly recommended to beginner DJs or any professional who needs another set of best value DJ headphones for less than $100.

3. AKG Pro Audio K67 TIESTO

AKG Pro Audio K67 TIESTO

Only good can come out from a partnership with a respected audio company like AKG, and a celebrated music icon like Tiesto. As expected, therefore, even the smallest and cheapest of the AKG-Tiesto range of headphones, the Pro K67, don’t disappoint.

However, although Tiesto designed the K67, his name doesn’t appear anywhere on them. In fact, they look rather simple in silver and black, and the only significant touch of style is the dotted-pattern decal on the headband’s sides. That said, the design ticks all the necessary boxes. The K67 are astonishingly light, the hinges work perfectly, and the headband’s leather lining makes them very comfortable. They also fold easily for easy storage and portability.

AKG Pro Audio K67 TIESTO Unboxing Video

In use, the AKG K67 offer quite a different experience compared to the first two products, primarily because they’re on-ear rather than over-ear headphones. Therefore, instead of covering your ears, the earcups sit on top of them and rely on pressure to keep out ambient disturbances. Another significant difference is the cable which, while detachable in both the HDJ-500R and the HPX6000, is fixed in the K67 headphones.

AKG Pro AudioThat said, the sound quality is top-notch. In particular, audiophiles will love the decent bass, clear mids and natural highs. Sound-staging is also excellent, mainly as a result of the drivers being positioned a bit further away from the ears than with most similarly-priced models.

Overall, the K67 don’t try to be perfect. Instead, they make the necessary compromises to deliver an exceptional audio experience at an affordable price.

Features Comparison

Driver Impedance Weight Foldable Price
Behringer HPX6000 50mm 24 Ohm 290g / 10.9oz yes Check on Amazon
Pioneer HDJ-500R 40mm 45 Ohm 195g  / 6.9oz no Check on Amazon
AKG Pro Audio K67 TIESTO 40mm 32 Ohm 200g / 7oz yes Check on Amazon

Headphones are a must-have to all DJs, whether old or new.
Although having high-end headphones will give you an upper hand, the best value DJ headphones above promise to offer excellent service without eating too much into your savings. They could, therefore, give the perfect start to your DJing career.


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