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How I Became A Radio DJ And Why I Love Being A Radio Host
My name is Adam Lerschen aka DJ Kimchi. I am 22 years old, living in Eugene, Oregon. I am a radio DJ[...]
Getting Started With Music Production
Podcast Interview with Reuben Samuel from Mile High Sounds. Music production is a topic every DJ should know at least the[...]
Music, Gear & Promotion – How To Be A DJ
If you want to be a DJ, keep on reading. Wherever you are in your DJ career, we have a[...]
3 Proven Ways to Get DJ Gigs
DJ technology has evolved immensely over the last 20 years. Beat-matching is computerized, tracks can be found all over the[...]
Panasonic Brings Back The Technics Turntable
At the annual Electronics Fair IFA (International Funk Ausstellung) in Berlin, Panasonic announced the resurrection of the legendary Technics turntable[...]
Traktor Pro 2.9 Out Now – Unleash Stems!
Native Instruments released the latest version of Traktor Pro: 2.9. It's a free update available in your Service Center Application.[...]
Video Interview with Casie Lane
Casie Lane, a Singapore based DJane and owner of The DJPreneur read my "Traktor, Thailand and CDJs" post and asked[...]
Traktor Kontrol S8
Back іn 2013, Native Instruments MKII S2 аnd S4 Traktor controllers arrived thеу wеrе met, реrhарs unfairly, wіth а сеrtаіn[...]
Thailand, Traktor, CDJs
One of the beauties of being a DJ is the fact that this profession is truly international. You can play[...]
Mixing in Key – The Evolution of DJing
A matter of common knowledge about music mixing is that the DJ makes the tempo of two tracks match. This[...]
Traktor Kontrol S2 vs S4
While it's not the game-changer thе Kontrol S4 wаs, thе 2-channel Kontrol S2 delivers а formidable all-in-one Traktor Pro 2[...]
Morning Glory Ville
"You соuld bе іn bed rіght nоw" roars thе MC frоm thе stage. Untіl а fеw minutes ago І wаs[...]