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Thailand, Traktor, CDJs

Thailand, Traktor, CDJs

One of the beauties of being a DJ is the fact that this profession is truly international. You can play almost everywhere you go, including white sand beaches and luxury resorts.

A few weeks ago, my only plan was to take a break and relax on one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand - Koh Lipe. I didn’t even think of djing there. The plan was to just relax. I did bring my laptop though, to check emails and stay in touch with friends.

On my second evening I walked into Poohs' Bar and had a casual chat with Plug, the owner. His DJ setup (CDJ 850s) without anyone playing, caught my attention. It turned out he himself is djing on and off and he also hires DJs sometimes. If I was a DJ, he asked. “Yes” I responded. “Do you want to play?”. What shall I say - why not. I love playing. But I didn’t bring my controller. So how to connect to his gear? It took me a while to figure it out.

In case you encounter a similar situation in the future, having your laptop on you but not your controller and wanting to use CDJs as a controller for your Traktor, the following tutorial will make things much easier for you.

Using CDJ 850 as a controller for Traktor Pro

- Traktor Pro running on your laptop, 2 USB slots available
- 2 USB cables
- 2 CDJ 850 hooked up to a mixer

1. Make the CDJs control Traktor Pro

1.1. Download the CDJ 850 mapping
Go to the Pioneers Support site,  scroll down to the section “MIDI mapping file for Traktor Pro & Pro 2” and download the “PIONEER_CDJ-850.tsi” file.

1.2. Load the mapping file in your Traktor preferences
Under “Controller settings”, select Device: “Generic MIDI”, then click and hold the “Add…” listbox, and navigate to “Import TSI / Import other…”. In Finder / Explorer, select “PIONEER_CDJ-850.tsi”

Controller manager - cdj 850 traktor

1.3. Connect the CDJs
Press the “PC” button on the CDJs for several seconds until “Connected” shows in the display.

1.4. Change the MIDI channel on the second CDJ
At this point, Traktor should be receiving controller data from the CDJs. But both CDJs are controlling deck A - no good. In order to make the second CDJ control deck B, you have to change it’s MIDI channel.
On the CDJ which you want to assign to deck B, press “Utility”, navigate to the MIDI settings and change the MIDI channel to “2”.
Now, each CDJ should be controlling it’s dedicated deck in Traktor. Play around with the buttons on the CDJ and find out what they do - it’s straight forward. The jog wheel works properly if you set it’s mode to “Vinyl”. The browse knob works just like on the S2.

CDJ controller mapping

2. Setting up the audio outputs

At this time, Traktor will play on your laptop speakers. In order to route the audio output of deck A to CDJ 1 and deck B to CDJ 2, follow these steps (this works for Apple users. Windows users: check the “Drivers for Windows” section on the Pioneers Support site,

2.1. Audio MIDI setup
Open “Audio MIDI” in your Utilities folder, click the “+” icon on the lower left corner, select “Create Aggregate Device” and name in accordingly. When this new device is selected and Traktor and CDJs are connected, you will see two entries called “Pioneer CDJ-850”. Select them both an uncheck all other devices.

Audio devices- cdj 850 traktor

2.2. Adjust Audio Settings in Traktor
Now got to Traktor Preferences, in “Audio Setup” under “Audio Device” select the device you just created in the Audio MIDI setup app.

audio setup - cdj 850 traktor

In the next tab in your Traktor preferences, “Output routing”, set
“Output Deck A” to 1 & 2;
“Output Deck B” to 3 & 4.

output routing - cdj 850 traktor

That’s it. Now everything should be working fine.

As you can see, the entire procedure is a bit lengthy and not really self explaining when you try to figure it out on the spot. Hence this article to make things easier for you.

If you don’t bring your laptop, you can export your Traktor playlists to an USB stick using RekordBox and Rekord Buddy (in order to convert your CUE points also). This is the much easier way to take your music along with you but of course it comes with the disadvantage of not having all the features of Traktor Pro and the big laptop screen.



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Pedro - April 16, 2015

hey, great post man. will definitely check out that island you went to 😉

Janette - April 18, 2015

Hi my name is Janette and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here. I played on my last vacation too. Great experience to travel and DJ. And yes – preparation is key!

seomer - April 19, 2015

I just came back to the Koh Lipe after spending five days on Koh Samui, and, on my third night, I’m raging to house music. A mix of Bangkok socialite types, hat-wearing hippies and local drag queens—have turned up to Poohs Bar to hear house DJ Paul Kingsley, Black Rim, and DJ/producer Tom Green. Place to be man!

Catherine - April 19, 2015

DJing in Thailand is the sh** man! I ended up traveling around for 5 weeks. Had to extend my visa, which was not a big deal. But you’re right. Most clubs have CDJ 850s. Some have 2000s. I’m now playing from USB sticks using REkordBox. Did’t know Rekord buddy – It actually helps a lot to convert the cue points. Thanks for the advice!

swpltlzen - April 21, 2015

Traveling an DJing – best way of life I can think of!

eogon - April 22, 2015

I like this post. Very inspirational.

Brigitte - May 3, 2015

Hi, my name is Brigitte. I was just looking at your Thailand, Traktor, CDJs – TDJC website and see that your site has the potential to become very popular.

Olivie - May 4, 2015

Hi my name is Olivie and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here. I discovered your Thailand, Traktor, CDJs – TDJC page and like it very much.

    DanoEF - May 5, 2015

    Glad to hear that Olivie! Thanks!

DJ Oster - May 11, 2015

Your ideas and words are easy to understand for anyone like me.

Mike - May 14, 2015

I got this web page from my friend who shared it with me. Now I am browsing this site and reading very informative articles.

danielle - May 22, 2015

I have actually been a follower of your website for a long period of time, but this short article Thailand, Traktor, CDJs – TDJC is the very best.

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